Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Editorial reviews of THE LAST SACRIFICE

“Gripping, horrific, and unique, James Moore continues to be a winner, whatever genre he’s writing in. Well worth your time.”
– Seanan McGuire, New York Times bestselling author of the InCryptid and Toby Daye series

“James A Moore is the new prince of grimdark fantasy. His work is full of dark philosophy and savage violence, desperate warriors and capricious gods. This is fantasy for people who like to wander nighttime forests and scream at the moon. Exhilarating as hell.”
– Christopher Golden, New York times bestselling author of Snowblind

“With The Last Sacrifice, James A. Moore has triumphed yet again, delivering a modern sword and sorcery tale to delight old and new fans of the genre.  With its intriguing premise, stellar cast of characters, and flavorful horror elements, this is damn good stuff.”
– Bookwraiths
“This was a very good read.”
– Purple Owl Reviews
“Epic fantasy at its best.”
– Amanda J Spedding
“Grimdark as fuck!  So in a word “’GREAT’”.
– The Blogin’ Hobgoblin
“I liked The Last Sacrifice a great deal.  I’ve always enjoyed Moore’s work and don’t see that changing anytime soon.  He just keeps getting better.  Check this one out and see.”
– Adventures Fantastic
“What’s Moore to say? People fighting Gods? Bring it! This is a great addition to James A. Moore’s line up.”
– The Book Plank
“I love it. This is a story that turns the genre story arc on its head, mixes up the motives of heroes and villains, and muddies the waters of divine intervention. A fantastic, surprising start to a major new series.”
– Beauty in Ruins
The Last Sacrifice is a solid start to the sordid grim-dark tale documenting the end of a bleak violent world.”
– Smorgasbord Fantasia
“I found The Last Sacrifice to be highly engaging, magical with a distinct grimdark feel and the world herein is richly imagined and cleverly wrought and brought to life. I can’t wait to read the sequel and I am now also eager to check out the other works by this author. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of fantasy.”
– Cover 2 Cover
“I’d recommend this and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next one. More evil Grakhul/He-Kisshi action please Mr Moore!”
– Ribaldry’s Books
“I was just turning pages as fast as my eyes could devour the words.”
– On A Dark Stormy Review
“Moore has laid the groundwork for a trilogy that promises to be loaded with terrifically grim fantasy storytelling. I might even call it epic. There is a lot of swift, merciless violence in this book, mingled with an undercurrent of very welcome, if very dark, humor. All of it together takes me back to what made me giddy about epic fantasy way back when. I’d say I’m happy to be back, but I’m not sure that’s quite the right word for a book packed with this much violent incident. Let’s say instead that I’m bloody satisfied.”
– Rich Rosell for the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog
“Fast-paced fantasy that you simply can’t put down. Great action adventure.”
– Morpheus Tales
The Last Sacrifice is an enthralling fast-paced book with ass-kicking characters who could only grow stronger as the series progresses.”
– Zirev
“James A Moore throws in elements of horror, dark fantasy, low magic and some amazing world-building into this boiling mix that somehow seems to work. Spinning off the staid old genre story-lines into a new direction with this epic take on God versus Man, The Last Sacrifice is a solid start to the sordid grim-dark tale documenting the end of a bleak violent world.”
– Fantasy Smorgasbord
The Last Sacrifice will tickle the fancy of any fans of grimdark fantasy, with its large cast of characters and earth-shattering consequences.”
– The Warbler Books

“Fantasy lovers will enjoy this book, and while an emphasis on gritty storytelling and horror elements elevates this from more standard magical creatures or hocus-pocus, it is still an absolute page-turner.”
– LeftLion
The Last Sacrifice is dark and violent with no punches pulled. The worldbuilding is epic in scope but focuses on a select few individuals to flesh out the story.” 4.5/5 stars
– San Franciso Book Review

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

FALLEN GODS coming January 2nd

First glimpse of FALLEN GODS by @JamesAMoore, sequel to The Last Sacrifice. That Alejandro Colucci cover! The gods are threatening apocalypse, and the only man who can save the world is the one who ignited their ire… Hits the bookshelves on January 2.

Saturday, December 2, 2017



FALLEN GODS is reviewed HERE.

Just one of those things

I work at Starbucks when I'm not writing. Bills to pay, medical insurance needed, you know the drill. 
So Starbucks has a loyalty program (like most restaurants and retailers seem to have these days). The notion is that for every sixty or so dollars ($62.50, actually) you spend you get one free food or drink item. The cheapest freebie is around $2.00 dollars. the most expensive I've seen is $7.50.
Cool enough. When you have the Starbucks App it tells you exactly how many stars you have and how many freebies. When you just use the card it does not. So I tend, when I see someone using the card, to check and let them know. I mean you have MONTHS before they expire but they DO expire and I hate losing out on free stuff, so I do this.
Yesterday I ran across a lady who had 1,800 stars on her account. That means she literally has 14 free drink or food items.
She was pleasantly surprised and use two of those to handle both of her drinks. Still leaves her with 12 freebies. More power to her.
After the transaction is done, she pulls a new Starbucks card and asks me to put $15.00 on it. Sure, 'tis the season, after all. When we are done she tops and says. "Can you add $60.00 more?" Well, by God, somebody is getting a nice Christmas gift.
When the transaction is done for the second time she gives the card to me and asks that I buy customers drinks until the card runs out. Again, 'Tis the season. I'ver personally seen a run of 17 "pay it forwards,"at the drive-thru at Starbucks before, that's when someone buys the drink or drinks for the next person in line. Sometimes it's one person MOST times it one person, but the longest I've seen is 17.
I made sure to buy ONE drink for each person who was coming through. If a family came in and bought four drinks, the most expensive came off the gift card. That way it went around longer.
One gentleman who got a free drink came back and bought a $25.00 card and asked me to continue the trend.
It took me a while to blow through the two cards but I eventually did. Several people left with unexpected smiles.
That sort of thing is why I retain my faith in humanity (even if I don't have much faith in the current Republican party.) A small gesture of kindness that move on through others for over an hour.
Good people are out there. They just get hidden by all the bad news.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Follow the page for updates.
And please SHARE...everywhere. Especially on the pages of diverse or marginalized horror communities. Help us amplify!
Edited by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore
Aided by the Book of Shadows Editorial Committee: Linda D Addison, Nadia Bulkin, Rachel Autumn Deering, Lamar Giles, Gabino Iglesias, Billy Martin, KL Pereira, Lee Thomass.
Published by Twisted Publishing
(a Haverhill House Publishing imprint)
Anthologies were a vital, formative part of our development as writers — and as readers. We look back with love and wonder at the efforts of the legendary Charles L. Grant to bring the cream of the horror crop into readers’ hands. His eleven-volume SHADOWS series contained familiar names, but every installment also presented us with the unfamiliar, and often the brand-new. Other Grant anthologies — TERRORS, NIGHTMARES, MIDNIGHT, the quartet of GREYSTONE BAY books — provided the same. Charlie Grant helped move unknown writers into the horror community’s conversation.
There were other anthologies that contributed to the trend. Thomas F. Monteleone’s BORDERLANDS series. Kathryn Ptacek’s WOMEN OF DARKNESS. Stuart David Schiff’s WHISPERS series. Kirby McCauley’s legendary DARK FORCES. Skipp & Spector’s milestone BOOK OF THE DEAD. David J. Schow’s SILVER SCREAM. And on and on…
But those books were published during horror literature’s glory days. In the years since, it has grown more and more difficult to persuade publishers to invest in horror anthologies (or anthologies of any sort, really). If Golden wants to pitch an anthology to a mainstream publisher, it’s necessary to compile a list of contributors first. Which means that there’s little opportunity to bring in unknown writers.
Yet those memories remain. We have talked for years about the desire to present an anthology that is open to anyone, and which allows us to follow some personal rules (outlined below). Yes, it’s a massive time commitment, but we—and John McIlveen of Haverhill House—believe it is absolutely worth it. We want to create a market for horror stories that presents a real, professional opportunity.
Further, and of equal importance, we want to create a market that actively encourages the submission of horror stories by diverse voices. We want the best stories, no matter who wrote them. When we say we want a level playing field, that means smashing preconceptions about who writes horror.* We cannot say loudly enough that we hope to receive stories from women, from authors of color, from LGBTQ writers, from any author who identifies as belonging to a marginalized community. We want you as part of THIS community. (*White, cis-het men are obviously welcome. This is not an attack on you, or an effort to exclude you. It’s an effort to level the playing field.)
• Will have zero spaces reserved for marquee names.
• Will use a blind submissions program (we won’t know who wrote the stories until we’ve selected them).
• Will pay professional rates—a minimum of six cents per word, with a cap on advances of $300 per story.
• Will pay royalties—a pro rata share of 50% of all royalties earned.
• Will make our best efforts to spread the word, so that marginalized communities of horror writers will be aware of the call for stories.
• Will employ a diverse Editorial Committee. In recognition of the possibility of inherent bias in our reading, the editors have engaged an astonishing team of diverse writers and editors who will read submissions alongside us and will offer their input and aid in the selection process. These authors and editors have a breadth and depth of experience that has transformed this project into THE horror anthology for the coming year.

How the hell are we going to do this?
If you’re reading this, you already know. We’ve launched this GoFundMe page because we believe there are enough readers out there who will believe in this project to get it funded. We want there to be opportunities out there for horror writers to compete based solely on talent, and to be paid professional rates for their work. Yes, we’re aware six cents per word is not a lot of money, but it’s a start.
We’re also starting with our own money. Christopher Golden, James A. Moore, and John McIlveen have each committed to donate $333.34, making up the first One Thousand Dollars (and two cents) of the money needed to fund this book. The editors are not taking a penny from their efforts until royalties are earned.
What should you donate, and what do you get?
If you believe in this project, you should donate whatever amount you feel comfortable with. $5 or $50 or $500. However, donate at least $25 and you’ll get a free digital copy of THE TWISTED BOOK OF SHADOWS. Wait … why just a digital copy? Well … we’re doing this as a GoFundMe instead of a Kickstarter because we want to focus on paying the writers. No gimmicks, no fancy prizes … nothing like that. No incentives other than a great reading experience and a level playing field for authors. We believe that there are enough people out there who believe in this project that we’ll be able to meet our goal of raising $7000 in total (especially since we have already committed to put in the first thousand).
What happens to the money if we go over our goal?
If we’re fortunate enough for that to happen, it’s our hope that we’d roll the additional money into the next volume. If, for whatever reason, there is no second volume, we would disperse the money in equal shares to the authors of this first volume. The editors will not take a penny of the donation money, not even in repayment for our initial donations. A donation is a donation. The only way we’ll earn any money is from actual royalties from actual sales.
When will THE TWISTED BOOK OF SHADOWS open for submissions?
There will be a window for submissions during the entire month of February, 2018. This gives authors nearly four months from this announcement to write their stories. On January 31st, we will announce the email address for submissions on The Twisted Book of Shadows Facebook page.
What happens if you don’t meet your goal?
We hope that won’t happen. If it does, we might need to accept fewer than our planned 18 stories. But if somehow there is no book, donations will be refunded.
So what now?
— Christopher Golden, James A. Moore, and John McIlveen

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Free Stories

Just in case anyone missed them, there are four free short stories set in the SEVEN FORGES universe.

Here are the links:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

FALLEN GODS and beyond

So, FALLEN GODS goes to print in January. Very early on. You can see the amazing cover right here and as a background, too.

I'm finishing up the third and final book in the series right now. I'm technically a little late but I want to get it just so.

No name yet. But soon. More news soon, too.

Keep smiling,